Work With Tammy

Healthy Food and Nutrition Classes
I will come to your home or at my office and share with you some information that will support you in making healthier decisions about what you are eating and drinking.

Facercise (A Natural Approach to a Face Lift)
It strengthens the muscles in the face. Exercising the muscles in the face will keep you looking young.

House or Business Clearing and Energizing
This is a great way to clear stagnant energies and trauma and invite healthy energy qualities in all areas of the home. We believe to begin energetically, and the physical comes easily. You also form a healthy relationship with your home. Knowing where all the areas are located: Love and Relationship, Helpful People & Travel, Health, Children & Creativity, Prosperity, Career, Wisdom, Fame & Reputation, and Family. This is not your conventional Feng Shui, this will support you to change your life in a graceful way. With this knowledge your home can support you and you support your home.

Private One-on-One Life Change Class
To support you in the life changes that are happening or ready to happen.

Contact Tammy to discuss her classes and services or to schedule a private session.